How to Book Classes

If you are new to Mole Valley Pilates and would like to book a class please contact us first so we can check class availability and suitability.  We can be reached on 07870 423966 or you can contact us via our enquiry form. 

To secure a space in a regular class with Mole Valley Pilates you are required to sign up as a member via our online booking system. However in the first instance you may need to book a Fundamentals Course or 1-2-1 which does not require membership. Trial packs of seven weeks of classes are also available for new clients to Mole Valley Pilates who may have done Pilates elsewhere and want to give our classes a try before signing up to the monthly payment plan. Please read the information below for further details.



How do I make a booking and pay?

You'll need to head to our booking page and create an account with our bookings management system Team Up. Once you’ve chosen a username and password and logged in you can search through the schedule for Fundamental Courses and our various Mat classes: Foundation, Core, Classical and Pilates for Health classes. Once you have selected a class and checked with us that it is suitable and available, head to the Class Pack page and pay for the relevant class pack, or set up your Membership subscription if you are joining a regular Mat class.

If you want to book a 1-2-1 you need to contact us to arrange the session before you can pay online. You can also arrange to pay by cash or cheque on the day for private sessions.

How does the mat membership subscription work?

Membership guarantees you your place in your chosen mat class until you decide to cancel your mat membership.

For Foundation, Core and Classical Mat classes your subscription is £36 a month classes which equates to a cost per class of £10.29 if you attend all classes available to you over the 42 weeks a year we offer classes. This gives you one class a week in roughly 6 blocks, usually of between 6 to 8 classes, during the year roughly around state school terms. This does vary a little as sometimes we run through half term and sometimes classes don't run because of the halls being closed due to use as polling stations or due to a public holiday. As a client you are responsible for being aware of the schedule for your chosen class which is available online for the year ahead.

What are the benefits of my membership?

The main benefit of membership is convenience and peace of mind for you and, us in the back office. Payment is distributed in smaller manageable amounts every month, rather than the old way where we took your money in blocks of up to 15 weeks, sometimes being paid for classes as much as 5 months in advance! You can now go month to month without worrying about losing your place in class (many of our clients have been coming for years). It's also great for us as we don't waste as much time chasing payments, wondering if you want your space or not and generally pulling our hair out!

As a member you can use Team Up to re-schedule your classes up to 6 weeks in advance. As long as you give 24 hours notice that you are cancelling a class you are not charged for the class and can use the credit from your membership package to re-schedule another class. Class usage packages are currently annualised over one full calendar year, so please don’t take the micky and try and attend 42 classes in your first month of membership and then cancel your payment agreement! We are a small, friendly local business and we operate a lot on trust.

Finally, we have plans afoot to set up a members only area for access to online tutorials and advice to support your Pilates practise at home.

Who are Team Up?

Team Up is a well-established ecommerce system that hosts our online class bookings. They are a UK based company specialising in online bookings for the fitness industry. We have been working closely with their team to set up the booking system and we will continue to try to develop the service and its ease of use for our members.

For your membership direct debit we use GoCardless, a London based company used by many trusted brands to process payments: Virgin, The Guardian and Trip Advisor to name a few. For one-off credit or debit card payments for 1-2-1's and courses we use Stripe, a well-established and trusted company servicing over 100,000 companies, from smaller businesses like Mole Valley Pilates to ASOS, Deliveroo and Oxfam.

How do I cancel my membership/leave a mat class?

You are not locked into any long membership, you can leave any time but you are always committed to pay for the current cycle of classes you are attending in full. As the system books you into your chosen class on a seven week rolling basis, for cancellation purposes, your current cycle of classes is all the classes that are currently showing as booked on the system. At the most this will be a full seven classes, if there are no planned breaks in the seven weeeks ahead, but could be as few as two or three classes if you choose to leave during the summer holiday period.

You just need to plan ahead so you let us know in plenty of time before you wish to leave so we have time to sort out your account.

But remember, because you are paying a monthly subscription, depending where you are in the cycle when you choose to leave, there is sometimes some ‘squaring up’ of payments required, which can work in both directions. At the time you tell us you wish to leave, we simply work out how many scheduled classes there have been for you to attend in your regular slot, against what you have paid in direct debits. If there have been less scheduled classes than you have paid for, you have overpaid and we will refund you, if there have been more classes scheduled, you have underpaid and we will ask you to pay the difference.