Pilates Mat Classes

Our focus is on high quality exercise classes. We keep our classes small (Mat classes maximum 12 per class, Pilates for Health classes maximum 8 per class) so you will always have hands on teaching from our highly qualified teachers. Exercises can be adapted to suit the injured, the inexperienced or the more adventurous. But we do notice that often everyone in a class attempts the harder version of an exercise despite their teacher’s efforts to guide them towards a more appropriate version. Please be sensible in class and kind to yourself. Pilates is not a competition!


Fundamentals Course

For those completely new to Pilates. Our fundamentals course is a stepping stone to join our Foundation or Core Mat classes. Here we introduce you to the Pilates ABC's (Alignment Breathing and Core Stability) and start you on the path to better body awareness.


Foundation Mat Classes

Our basic Pilates Mat class. You may join these classes after completing a Fundamentals course or after one or two 1-2-1 sessions, if our Fundamentals courses aren’t running at a convenient time. They are slower paced than our Core Mat classes, with more time taken to teach new moves, adapt exercises for individuals with more complex movement issues and to allow more time for clients to change position if needed.


Core Mat Classes

Our most popular Pilates Mat class. You will develop your body awareness and learn to move with more flow - building stamina and coordination. These classes are invariably mixed ability and clients will be offered adaptations where appropriate. You may work with a selection of small Pilates equipment.


Classical Mat Classes

Our most challenging Pilates Mat class. These classes broadly follow the Classical Mat repertoire with pace and flow a main feature, but not without the occasional pause to learn new repertoire or review exercises that need refinement. You'll need to be ready to up your game and be prepared to sweat to join! Variations are offered within the class to support those individuals who struggle with certain exercises (and don’t we all?!).