Pilates for Health Classes

Our Pilates for Health classes are small group classes of up to eight participants. Most people who join these classes have a specific health condition that they want to address in class, in particular low bone density or a bad back, but you do not have to have a specific health issue to benefit from these classes. They are ideal if you want to work at a slower pace with more supervision and the Back Care class is particularly suitable for new clients to join after an initial 1-2-1.

Bone Health 

Our Bone Health classes are particularly suitable for those with Osteoporosis and Osteopaenia to address bone density and support careful, safe movement. We avoid spinal flexion and work on exercises to keep the spine long and lifted. We work with weights, stretchy bands and the Pilates circle to promote bone building and focus on balance to reduce the risk of falls. Osteoporosis is a fairly common silent disease and we believe strongly that all of us, regardless of our age or gender, should be thinking about working against resistance with weights to improve our bone density.

Back Health

Our Back Health class is designed to support people to move safely and regain confidence after back injury or to manage ongoing chronic pain or movement issues.

Clients booking into any of these classes may arrange catch up classes in any Pilates for Health and Foundation Mat classes at our discretion.